Mystery Shopping


Quality Assurance 

Performance Reports




 Setting up establishments to become franchisers 

Cleaning Industry Management Structure


Internal Structure


Standardization S.O.Ps 



Set up of SMEs

Equipping Entrepreneurs 

Business Advice

In-House Training Academy


Set up of In-House Training Academies all inclusive 

Annual Training Plans


Design of Annual Training Plans 

Design and Development of Custom Made Training Material 

Risk Assessments


On site Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment 

Internal Auditing


ISO 22000 Food Safety Management SystemISO 45001

Occupational Safety &Health Management SystemOHSAS 18001

Occupational Health & Safety Assessment Series 

Corporate Identity


Establishing corporate identities through individuals 



An Organizational Certificate, covering  Mental well being, and the satisfaction of employees at all levels of the organization. 

Ultimately leading to customer satisfaction, and promising sustainability, competitive edge, and added value. 

The Division of Continuing Education


The continuing education programs’ main objective is to educate persons, providing them with practical education and knowledge that serves as a building block 

for their future. 

For some trades, the offered certificates may be optional and add value to the individual being recruited, whereby in other circumstances these certificates 

may be a legal requirement, such as in the Occupational Safety & Health or Food Safety or Environmental Sciences etc...

All material delivered in the CEP scope is derived from real life at work, offering insight to the not yet experienced. 

Educational Institutions through which the CEP is offered has the added value of their students being transformed in to walking banners of their university, in terms of personal conduct being educated alongside the knowledge that differentiates them from their competition in the job market, 

which in turn serves as a competitive edge for the institutions they graduate from. 


The Academies


Whether a sales academy, corporate academy, hospitality academy, or an academy of any other nature suitable for the organization; our proposition is 

to work on six main areas that the organization consists of. These six areas are the scopes of work to be executed on all levels of the organization through the 

proposed internal Academy.

Health Safety & Environment


Health, Safety and Environment or (HSE) is provided by Power Pack LLC through training, consulting and auditing, these activities cover all industries and are based on international standards, all in effort to help employers mitigate/prevent health and safety risks at the 

workplace and undue environmental damage.

This scope complies with applicable legislation and follows best practices.