Pleasure to Meet you

 Power Pack LLC is specialized in training and consulting, consisting of various divisions we've called "arrays" and teams of experts for each field.

Our People specialized  and are internationally recognized with experience in the markets they are assigned to; forming teams of specialists, creating a technical committee, trainers, consultants and coaches for a vast framework of subjects and scopes. 

Quality, consistency and sustainability are what we look for through execution.

We adopt our clients’ visions in all our works, enabling every project to be a signature. 

Power Pack’s diversity and variety are but keys to our growth and reputation. 

For years Power Pack was the “factory” behind a few renowned training and consulting companies, being outsourced to provide material  development, design and delivery, and  advice to develop businesses further. 

Power Pack now serves the market directly with headquarters based in Beirut – Lebanon

Serving you with over 250 courses, qualifications and programs, covering over 30 different industries, in addition to tailor made frameworks and courses to cater to people and organizational development.

Our Vision

We have named our vision "The Chameleon", whereby we adopt each client's vision, making it our own for each project, to meet expectations, satisfaction and sustainability.