Our Partners

IBTA - Arabia


 To be the number-one of certifications provider for business professionals, fresh graduates, and career changers in the MENA region. With our capacity-building activities tailored for government\non-government institutions at organizational, national or regional level, we expect our graduates to have the skills and certification required to meet and surpass business standards in global industries. 



SUITSHUB is a sales training and consulting firm, focused on unleashing companies' sales potential and providing organizations and individuals with the right sales solutions.

SUITSHUB identified the need for qualified, committed, & consistent sales professionals, a need that seemed difficult to be met without the proper knowledge and resources.

SUITSHUB's qualifications and holisitic provision of solutions are offered independently or through our strategic allies in the region. 



We’re an award-winning organisation that focuses on developing globally renowned qualifications, training materials and e-learning that develop skills, change attitudes and improve safety.

We are the international branch of Highfield Qualifications - a top 5 UK awarding organisation and winner of the Federation of Awarding Bodies ‘Awarding Organisation of the Year’ award 2018. 

We offer regulated, international and accredited qualifications and specifically designed programmes for delivery outside of the UK.