Power Pack’s Arrays are various and diverse; constantly developed and updated each includes a set of workshops.  Each workshop may be tailored to match target industries, audiences and professions; managed and continuously reviewed by our technical committee.

Business Management and Strategy

This section includes workshops and qualifications that have been found to be of utmost value to top management, departmental heads, managers and leaders across all levels of the organization.

Managerial and Supervisory Skills

Employees seldom leave companies but rather leave managers or supervisors instead.

Be the superior that leads through enhancing and refining your skills with our set of workshops and qualifications. 

Administrative and Clerical Skills

 "You would think nothing could get done without them", is what is thought of most individuals in assistance positions, therefore these skills should be polished and proper, to truly execute productive loads of work. 

Sales and Marketing Skills

 Because these are the money makers, all workshops and qualifications have psychological tips, tools and techniques that have been tested and proven to work. 


 Everything in any context is related to some form of communication.

These content rich workshops and qualifications address all communication and can prove to be of substantial value when implemented properly.

Customer Servicing

 Various occupations are usually subjected to the same customer service course that is often times irrelevant to their day to day challenges and issues faced.

This section is regularly updated as new occupations are added and rich relevant content is developed. 

Customer Service is the only thing that will keep people your customers, our rich workshops and qualifications are designed to address multiple aspects of interaction and service.

Team Bonding

 In this section we innovated and created, all content is fun and engaging, also all efforts were put to ensure that the debriefing and coaching parts of the workshops are of utmost benefit and objective/goal oriented.  

Human Resources

Human resourcing relies on the skills of the person resourcing, therefore their skills must be enhanced to do the right job. 

In collaboration with the Talent Bucket, we have designed workshops that tackle specific needs as well as qualifications for those who would like to make a career out of this scope. 


 Hospitality is making your guest feel at home, especially when you wish they were. 

The workshops addressing the hospitality sector are vast.

Between the workshops and qualifications, all individuals working in this industry may find their needs. 


Training is an ART; our workshops and qualifications transfer character as well as knowledge, which is a much needed skills for effective training. 

We have industry specific train the trainer subjects.


 For any change to be seen in the world, one must begin with one's self.  

Health, Safety and Environment

 "So no employee has to choose between his life and his job"

Health, Safety and Environment are the Employers responsibilities, our set of workshops are designed to help employers comply with standards and regulations in their workplace. 


 They are our future, we need to equip them with life skills as well as identify and enhance their innate ones. 

Our set of workshops are designed to equip the age group (15 - 21) with the head start making them excel in the real world. 


 From teachers to admin to supervisors, the set of workshops and qualifications cover skills and requirements in class and in public/play areas; they are designed to make schools have the competitive edge while delivering quality education and environment. 

NGO - Non-Governmental Organizations

 They do so much for everyone, so now it's our turn to give back.

Workshops in this section are different, even the pricing is special, the set of workshops are regularly added to and updated depending on the context, such as crisis and different communities.

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